Celebrate Life Cherish Memories 
Welcome to Funeral Marker
  Premium Jet Black Granite 8"X5"X1" About 5 lbs
Zero Commitment
Create Goodwill:
Funeral Marker is a premium, unique and personalized gift that will create invaluable goodwill and gratitude for your funeral home.
Hassle Free:
We will do the work for you. We will collect the new obituary information from your website everyday, manufacture and ship the personalized markers out the next day.
Lasting Marketing Opportunity:
Create a permanent, effective and lasting promotion with your company information prominently displayed on a fireplace mantel or an office desk.
Low cost - High ROI:
$25 investment will generate you a reliable word of mouth and repeated opportunities. Your best rate of return on investment.
The Funeral marker program is a part of our global non-profit initiative to promote Celebration of Life. Celebrate life, Cherish memories. Our goal is to promote this cause by partnering with like minded funeral homes in the United States.
You receive a Premium Jet Black granite marker, completely personalized with photos, names, dates, unique traits of the person along with the logo and custom information of your funeral home or cemetery. This marker can be used as personal memorabilia by the families to be set in the living room or office desk and/or to mark the grave until a permanent monument is created. Since the marker has your brand permanently etched on it, it is a long lasting brand building opportunity for you.
Quarry Direct - Offering the funeral markers at highly subsidized prices is made possible by the contribution from the factories and the quarries to promote the celebration of life initiative. We help facilitate this initiative by working with our Funeral Home partners.